Watch or Download – Miss Roxana Rae – Daily Fix Addicted to Roxy – Miss Roxana Rae, Dirty Talk – Release [07-02-2019]

Addicted, obsessed, dependent, attached, devoted, hooked, accustomed, fanatic, absorbed, lusting…..for femdom…….sound like you?? It’s really sad and pathetic that you keep telling yourself that you are done with femdom, you want to “work on your relationship” or “stop spending so much money” but here you are, dick in hand, wanking off to my tits and ass like usual. Don’t you know your tiny dick will always cum back to me?! When you try and coerce femdom out of your life you are miserable and constantly obsess over cumming to my sensual and demeaning clips. You don’t even cum as hard when you try and stay away. Face it, your life is incomplete without me. I’m that sheer ecstasy that comes from filling your veins with embarrassment. It’s not your fault though…I’m irresistible, and way hotter than your girlfriend or wife. Don’t feel bad that your tiny dick throbs for me only. Really, it’s just natural selection. I’m the best of the best and your cute little hard on wants to procreate with me. It will NEVER happen, but try telling your dick that! So let me see those two little fingers move up and down while you jerk off that B*** dick of yours to me. You and I both know you are weak, you don’t have the balls, literally……to stay away. it’s a win win really, I get your money and you get your daily fix of Roxy.

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