Watch or Download – Princess Miki – Gooning session for high losers – masturbation instruction, Goddess Worship, Dirty – Release [20-01-2019]

Get high, horny, fucked up and jerk yourself all day as you’re mesmerized by my hot body in this shiny, barely there bodysuit. I just enjoy knowing that I own your dick from miles away, that somewhere out there, there you are, my little jerk zombie. It feels good, huh? Even if you’re wasting your entire day and night jerking. You spend all your money on weed and paying girls to humiliate you. Yeah, getting high, edging and paying are your favorite things. But it feels too good — to be high out of your mind and goon. Keep edging yourself to oblivion with this video — jerk and jerk and watch on a loop as your brain turns to mush for me.

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