Watch or Download – Candy Glitter – Mocking Lonely Stupid Hand Humpers – masturbation instruction, Goddess Worship, Dirty – Release [15-01-2019]

I want you to stroke your stupid fucking cock, you fucking freak. I want you to show me how you jerk it. I know you’re aching for it. I know how addicted you are to stroking it. You love my bratty jerking instructions. Put your hand on your cock and pump it loser. LOL!

You look so fucking dumb! Look in the mirror as you stroke and realize how fucking pathetic you look. You look so stupid just sitting there humping your fucking f!.st. Hump your hand like that pathetic little idiot you are. And I know you make all kinds of stupid faces while you jerk it. Let me see you hump it LOL! You look so stupid right now! You are a pathetic little hand humping freak and watching you thrust into your f!.st like that, with your mouth open is grossing me out, lol.

But that won’t stop you from going at it, will you? No. You look like a total and complete idiot just sitting there in front of your computer screen pumping away. Hump it, fuck your f!.st for your perfect princess. Stroke it for me while I humiliate you. You’re an ugly, stupid jerkaholic loser. You get that dumb, dazed look in your eyes whenever you stare at me and stroke. It’s like your mind is fucking blank. You’re practically mesmerized by your screen as I turn you into my mindless stroker.

Watch me as I mock you loser. I think it’s sooo funny that you jerk off to me making fun of you. God you look so stupid! Hump it for me as I verbally tear you apart and annihilate your fucking ego. I love ripping you to shreds. You’re a lonely stupid little hand humper. And I know that soon you’ll be begging me to cum but fuck you! Absolutely not. Losers don’t get to cum, you just get to sit there and look fucking stupid.

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