Watch or Download – Brat Princess 2 – Lola, Sadie – Cuckold Couples Counseling – Brat Princess 2, Lola, Sadie – Release [15-01-2019]

Sadie and her husband have been seeing Lola, a relationship counselor, every week. While Sadie’s husband lays on a medical bed, held in place with bondage, Lola and Sadie discuss the relationship and the sort of progress Sadie and her husband have been making. Sadie and Lola are determined to turn Sadie’s husband into a full cuckold. He is very nearly there. After today’s session, there will be no going back, and he will be very thoroughly mentally conditioned to be his wife’s cuckold, fully and completely. With Sadie’s husband totally immobilized, a virtual reality headset has been placed over his eyes. The headset displays an array of cuckold porn scenarios. The audio has been turned off, however, so that Sadie’s husband can fully hear what Sadie and the counselor have to say. The counselor suggests that Sadie unlock her husband from chastity and manually stimulate him. While Sadie and the counselor manually stimulate Sadie’s husband, Sadie reveals that she has her first bull all lined up. It’s her husband’s boss! Lola cautions Sadie’s husband that he is sure to feel jealousy and hurt when his wife has sex with his boss but assures him that it is what his wife truly desires. Having a happy and satisfied wife can only improve the relationship, and so, even if it hurts, its really in everyone’s best interest for Sadie’s husband to accept his place as a cuckold. Lola reminds Sadie’s husband that the relationship could end in adultery, or divorce, like so many do. Sadie’s husband is very lucky that she has decided to preserve their relationship by giving him a role. He may not get to fuck her, like his boss will get to, but he can lick his boss’ hot cum as it drips from his wife’s pussy when she gets home. It’s very nice of Sadie to include her husband in anything she does instead of leaving him. Being a cuckold is much preferable to being a lonely bachelor forever. The women discuss Sadie’s husband’s chastity regimen before allowing him to spill. The women scoop up the cuckold’s emission and force it right into his open mouth. Swallowing his own cum is good practice, as soon he will be swallowing his boss’. The cuckold swallows the whole mess forced into him. Sadie and Lola are both very pleased with his progress.

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