Watch or Download – Miss Honey Barefeet – I See Your Clip Order And Then I Delete It – instructions, masturbation instruction, Goddess Worship – Release [09-01-2019]

Hello order #67890. I don’t know your name, I don’t care about your name, you are just numbers on my screen, numbers in my daily stats. You think that by buying my clips that somehow you are important or that I might notice you. But that’s not true. All I see are numbers when you buy my clips. You’re just another clip buying loser that adds to my monthly total.

All I notice is the title and I know that you’re either just a foot freak, or cum eater, or a pay pig, or a sissy fag or some other kind of wanking freak, but I don’t even think about you. But you obsess over me. I see I got a clip order, then I delete the email and go on with my day while you jerk your brains out to me, imagining that I’m really talking to you while you jerk. You’re so stupid. You fall so easily into my trap.

But you keep buying in clips in hopes that I might notice you. I never will. Even if you buy a lot, I just see a big clip order. I don’t see you, I don’t care about you. You mean nothing to me. You are just a number. You are here to pay and I am here to take your money. There is no kind of personal interaction whatsoever.

You’re a pathetic clip addicted loser whose life is sexless and filled with porn. It’s so sad loser. I know you’re even jerking off right now to me telling you that you are an insignificant loser. You love to jerk it while I look into your eyes, it’s like I’m really close to you, but then you cum and realize you’re still all alone. I don’t give a fuck about your existence. I just like reminding you that you are nothing but a number in my stats. I like reminding you of the reality of how we girls feel about losers who buy our clips.

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