Watch or Download – Lady Nina Leigh – Fat sissy slim-down – Goddess Worship, Tease and Denial – Release [29-12-2018]

Yep slut, you are just too damn fat! i mean seriously, you want to be a sissy but you are an obese, comfort eating slob. Fat sissys don’t sell. You will never make it unless i put you on a diet and send you to the damn gym! Did you think eating all that junk would make you grown boobs ? It didnt work, did it. It will never work. You need to be slender and slim if you are going to pull of the sissy look. Ever. You can’t be putting panties on breaking their delicate fabric and finding it impossible to fit into an female bra with your grossly wide fat back! You are going to slim down and make sissy ville! Any cheats / lazy days will be fineable. You cannot get away with cheating… what you eat in secret…will show in public fat boy!!

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