Watch or Download – TheMeanGirls – Goddess Platinum, Princess Amber – Trick Or Treat Smell Our Feet (1080 HD) – TheMeanGirls, Goddess Platinum, Princess Amber – Release [30-11-2018]

We were all dressed for Halloween and decided to toy with one of our foot-freak slaves that we use to serve us. We make it kneel in between us and BEG to smell our feet. Since we had been in our heels and ankle socks all day, we knew it couldn’t resist.
But of course, since we are MEAN GIRLS, there is always a catch! We make the slave take turns literally BOW DOWN to one of us and BEG for our feet with its ass up in the air and its LEGS SPREAD WIDE. Then we make it say that famous Halloween chant “Trick or treat, smell my feet!” Whoever’s feet AREN’T being kissed is seated comfortably behind the slave, with her leg drawn back and ready to SLAM her foot up into its nuts whenever she feels like it!
SUCH a fun game to play with a slave!! Sometimes we let it have a whole minute of sniffing and kissing our feet…other times it just barely reaches out toward our foot with its puckered lips, and…SLAM! A foot crashes into its balls from behind that it never saw coming! haha!!
Me n my Auntie Platinum take turns tormenting the slave, and by the end, the poor foot freak is like soooo confused…haha!! I mean, it keeps having these gorgeous sweaty feet dangling right in front of its nose, but…its been kicked in the balls so many times and is in so much pain that it is actually hesitating to kiss the perfect foot right in front of its face!
Poor thing…this must be like heaven & hell all rolled into one for the slave. Oh well, we don’t care! As long as its fun for US!!
***(Some really good “super-slo-mo” kicks in this clip!)***

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