Watch or Download – THE MEAN GIRLS – Gloria Allblue – Paying Restitution – HUMILIATION, JOI, MASTURBATION HUMILIATION, TEASE – Release [14-11-2018]

After suing him, Ms. Allblue got a judgment against disgraced Hollywood producer “Pervy Weinberg”- FOR $300 MILLION DOLLARS! Now Pervy Weinberg comes into her office and is literally BEGGING her for relief! He explains that he “only” has $100 million! It is all he has, and if he gives it to her and her clients he will be penniless- and STILL won’t be able to pay off the other $200 million that he owes! So Ms. Allblue comes up with a plan- and it starts with this asshole writing that $100 MILLION DOLLAR check out AT HER FEET. Pervy Weinberg has no choice- so he does as he is told and hands the check over to Ms. Allblue. He thinks he is done and it is settled. But Ms. Allblue assures him that it most certainly is NOT “settled” and he has a LOT more “restitution” to make to her clients! She informs the Pervy Producer that he will be “making up the difference” on his restitution by ALLOWING ANY WOMAN IN THE WORLD TO KICK HIM IN THE BALLS AS MANY TIMES AS SHE WANTS! And it will START with Ms. Allblue! She wants to get the “first kicks in” on this male chauvinist pig! And then her clients can have THEIR turns…and then ANY women in the world after that can “get her kicks” on his balls! She calmly explains to “Pervy” that it was his balls that got him in trouble in the first place, wasn’t it?? So this will k1lll 2 balls with one stone! Ms. Allblue spends the rest of the video putting the fat, pervy producer into different positions so he will be “trained” to simply get into whatever position the woman kicking him wants him in for her kicks. She teaches him 3 different positions and he will need to know to get into them simply by having a woman say the number and snap her fingers- then she may kick him as hard as she wants while he is in that position. Over & over & over again…until he has made his restitution. And after “getting her kicks” by training him, Ms. Allblue explains that he will be paying back that $200 million that he owes- $1 per kick! So he has quite a ways to go in paying back all of Womankind for his perverted ways! The once-powerful Hollywood producer is now literally groveling in tears at the powerful female attorney’s feet- and she is obviously loving it… ***TO BE CONTINUED???***



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