Watch or Download – Americanmeangirls – Goddess Platinum – Hooters Ballbusting Boss – toilet slave training, HUMILIATION, JOI – Release [08-11-2018]

This customer is being a real jerk to waitress Skylar. So she calls in her new boss that just transfered from “corporate”. Skylar heard the new boss is a “real ballbuster”. So she asks for her help with this customer!
The two of them come out, and “The Boss” puts this customer in its place almost instantly. She slaps him right across the face! His attitude changes almost instantly. He is stunned and starts stammering and apologizing- but its STILL not good enough for the “new boss”! She wants her waitresses treated like GODDESSES and this customer needs to APOLOGIZE to her and do whatever Skylar wants in order to “earn” her forgivness!!
Skylar is loving it, and decides that she wants this old man to LITERALLY BOW DOWN AND KISS HER FEET AND BEG FOR HER FORGIVNESS!! One more hard slap across his face from “the Boss”, and that is exactly what he does! He drops to his knees and begins kissing Skylar’s old Hooters tennis shoes and BEGGING her to forgive him! Skylar is loving this newfound power! But its still not enough…
The Boss calls out to the rest of the restaurant, announcing that they are now “closed”. The place clears out. Then she orders the unruly customer to “STRIP NAKED” right there in the restaurant so that her and Skylar can debase him and sexually harass him like he was doing to Skylar- only FAR worse!! They slap his ass, grab him, and smack him around like he is a piece of meat.
Then The Corporate Boss wants to put the “finishing touches” on this asshole so he NEVER does this again. She orders him to literally bow down and kiss HER feet in her power work pumps, and spread his leags nice and wide for Skylar. Little does he know, he is doing this just so Skylar will have a nice, clear shot at his BALLS while she winds up and kicks him from behind as hard as she wants!!!
Skylar’s foot crashes into the jerk’s balls! He goes down like a sack of potatoes at her boss’s feet! They both laugh their asses off. But its not over yet…Skylar says she wants to get a LOT more kicks in to REALLY teach him a lesson! So the Ballbusting Boss orders him back up and “into position”, so her favorite waitress can get as many nice, hard kicks into his balls as she wants!!!
This is not going to be the beer-drinking night at Hooters that this customer had envisioned….

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