Watch or Download – American Mean Girls – Princess Beverly – TRAMPLED AT PUNISHMENT CAMP – American Mean Girls, Princess Beverly – Release [04-11-2018]

This poor slave was sent to the Mean Girl Punishment Camp by his wife. (Can you believe that some of these freaks actually have wives?? OMFG! Like who would marry a fucking slave??)

It has been chained up out in the “Mean Girls Garage of Pain” for awhile now. It is like 110 degrees outside- and God only knows how hot inside! This fucking garage is like a “hot box” to really break the slaves down for us without us even having to be there! Haha! So when I walk in, this loser is already broken. But that doesn’t stop me, of course. In my opinion, a slave can always be broken down MORE! So I hop up onto its carcass and start stomping away. LOTS of jumpin up and down in this one! (And yes, in my HEELS!)

I jump and stomp all over it until it is literally begging me for mercy. ***(By the way, I literally broke one of this loser’s RIBS during this beat-down! For real! Haha!!)***

Eventually, as I am still standing full-weight on this loser’s broken ribs in my stiletto heeled boots, I ask it “who jumps up and down harder on you, slave? Me or Princess Bella?”- and of course with me leaning aaaallll my weight back onto my stilettos- it says ME!

So I will just have to send this little video over to her to see what Bella has to say about that…LOL. (This loser actually belongs primarily to Bella, which is what makes that little rib-cracked confession so hilarious! Can’t wait to see how she deals with him…)

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