Watch or Download – Mandy Flores – Evil Super Girl – Talk, Tease and Denial, Financial – Release [20-09-2018]

Custom request. You are an evil Super Girl for this clip and you want all the men in the world to only have their attention on you. I have been masturbating too much to another girl and not you so you decide I need to be castrated. You have given me a drug that means if I cum my balls and cock turn into ice like glass. But you give me one more chance to try and control myself, if I don’t cum in 2 minutes from looking at you, my balls will survive, but if I cum in that 2 minutes my balls turn to icy glass.

I think I can make it easy but you don’t so you show your sexy body teasing me showing your cleavage and ass. So my cock and balls turn into ice that’s like glass for 5 minutes. In that 5 minutes you tease me about the ways you’re going to shatter them. You say that you might let me off but it won’t happen! You find this way so much better and easy then a knife because it’s not messy because no or mush to clean up. At the end you decide it’s time to finish them all off so you grab my cock and shatter the head of it in your hand squeezing it shattering it. Laugh and say something like ooops did I do that? I might as well finish the job now; because without a cock there is no use for balls so it’s time to finish them off too. You kick my balls but only ½ shatters so then you put your finishing move on and the other is gone. Talk about how I look like a Barbie doll. I then beg for you to me that I don’t want to live without my manhood. You come up with a deal that you will take my life if I give up the girl I was masturbating to so that you can go after her and make her yours and teach her a lesson and turn her into your slave girl where you will make her do anything she wants after she has had her discipline from you. I agree to the deal and tell you where she lives. Now it’s time for you to decide how you’re going to finish me off. You ask me what do I want to be by. Your pussy, ass, or tits. You show each one of your weapons. I ask for tits. But because you’re so evil and mean you only wanted me to choose what I wanted to be by so that you could choose another way that I didn’t want. So you choose your pussy. You explain how your pussy will me by sitting on my face until I can’t breathe and . So you push me down onto the floor and pull down your panties and sit on my face and I can’t breathe anymore. It’s time to get rid of my body so you kick me through the ceiling and into outer space. It finishes with you looking at me fly away into the sky out of space blowing me a kiss goodbye and waving at the camera goodbye.

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