Watch or Download – Facesitting Female Assassins – Evil Executrix! (Full Version) – fatale, powerful hand, feminine hands – Release [06-09-2018]

A war between two gangs left one with an opportunity to the leader of the other! They beat him up then tied him up and left him for their leaders girlfriend to deal with who hates his guts as he got her boyfriend put in prison! She walks in wearing nothing but a HOT ASS BIKINI “AHHAHA YOUR MY BITCH NOW” she says as he curses back at her “FUCK YOU BITCH” but she SLAPS him as she pins him to the bed, he is still weak from the beating and his hands are tightly bound plus the pretty gang girl is quite strong and toned! She pushes him down and SITS on his face!! “I’M GONNA K&LL YOU STOP MOVIN” she warns him “ARE YOU NOT ENJOYING THIS COS I KNOW I AM HEHE” she teases him as she smothers his face into her thighs tightly “STOP IT” she commands her sexy blonde air on her shoulders “DONT YOU LIKE BEING MY LITTLE BITCH?” she asks not expecting a response! She sits on his chest and MAKES HIM pull her heels off “YOU LIKE MY FEET IN YOUR FACE? HEHEHE IS THAT NICE HAHA” she really humlates him as she pushes her sweaty soles all over his face “BITCH” he tries to say “SHHSHHSHH” she quitens him with her feet “SUFFOCATE YOU WITH MY FEET AHAH” she makes sure he is truly humilated before Reverse Facesitting him in a Cowgirl position she really shoves his nose into her cotton white panties “IS IT GETTING HOT? ARE YOU STRUGGLIN?” she taunts more and more as his suffocated moans get more distant and desperate sounding! “BE QUIET YOU LITTLE !” she shouts at him as his nose and face is buried in her white cotton panties “THAT’S IT NOW STOP IT SHUT THE F*CK UP” she says in her sexy accent “SSSSH BE FING QUIET” she flicks her hair around her shoulders “GOD YOUR SUCH A BITCH STOP BEING SUCH A P*SSY” his hands are tied together “YOUR REALLLLY STRUGGLIN TO BREATH NOW HUH?” she asks as she senses he is panicking for air under her ass! She slides to her side and locks him into a side Headscissor and really traps his head in her juicy thick thighs, folding her ankles and calves back to press on the back of his head she successfully locks her legs and engulfs his face deep in her thighs, he cant breath and when he thought it couldnt get worse, she straigtens her legs out into a tight scissorlock really piling on the pressure to his head! She keeps him stuck in her sexy thighs for what seems like an eternity “YOU STUGGLING DOWN THERE DARLIN?” she giggles as he tries to free his hands “DO YOU WANT ME TO SQUEEZE TIGHTHER?” MMPPPHHH is his scream “BEHAVE!” she then slides into a Forward Headscissor and allows her to giggle down at his face “HEHEHE..F*CK YOU BITCH” she giggles in his red face stuck in her thighs now her prisoner! (More info below!

File Name : 11___EvilExecutrix!
Format: Windows Media
File Size : 966 MB
Duration: 00:23:42
Video: VC-1, 854 x 480, 29.970 FPS, 5500 kb/s
Audio: WMA, 2 channels, 192 kb/s

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