Watch or Download – Humiliation POV – Enchantress Sahrye – Addicted Little Foot Boy Trance, Etching My Feet In Your Brain – Mesmerize, Mind Fuck, JOI Fantasy – Release [26-05-2016]

Listen to the sound of my voice, its soothing tone relaxes you. Breathe in and out, nice deep long breaths. Your body begins to relax, you feel your eyes getting heavier. Your limbs start to go weak. Youre giving in. Your mind begins to clear itself, all of your stress seeps out of your pores. Listen to my voice as it carries you deeper and deeper into trance. On the count of three, you will be completely submerged in darkness, focusing only the sound of my voice..

You love absolutely everything about me, dont you? And even though every part of me is gorgeous and perfect, the thing you love most of all are my feet. My cute, adorable little feet. You love the way they feel, the way they smell, and they way they taste. You love my soles, my wrinkles, my arches, you love every single thing about them. And why wouldnt you? Theyre perfect. You love them bare, in pantyhose, and in cute, little ankle socks. Youll want to kiss and lick them every chance you get. Youre an addicted little foot boy. You love every single thing about my feet. Stare at them, let them engrain themselves in your mind.

Youll find yourself dreaming about them at night. All day long, all youll be able to think about are my cute, adorable feet, my soft supple toes. Youll think of nothing more than how to please me by pleasing my feet. Keep staring, the more you stare at them, the deeper you will go. They are etching themselves in your brain.

You will soon ache with desire at the mere glance of them. And you will love watching me put my cute little ankle socks on. Your cock will instantly get hard as I slip the socks over my beautiful, soft feet. It will pulsate and throb as you watch my sock coat my perfectly arched heels. Watch them move back and forth as I tease you, feel your cock getting even harder as your brain grows softer and absorbs the image of my feet.

Soon youll find yourself needing my feet desperately, like a thirst you cannot quench. Your brain will think of nothing else. Only seeing them will bring your mind and your cock release. Youll go mad without them. Youll need constant maintenance, a constant fix of them. When I snap my fingers, you will awaken and you will be in love with my feet, and only my feet. Forever my foot slave.

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