Watch or Download – Electra94 – Pregnant JOI 2 – instructions, masturbation instruction, Goddess Worship – Release [07-06-2016]

Second part to my other pregnant JOI Custom description: Background: (sequel to Pregnant JOI) The last time you had me in your bedroom only served to heighten your desire for me. Once more you sneak me into your room but this time with far more devious intent. Story: (virtual sex) You start off with me laying on the bed and you straddling me. You tease me by slowly lifting your shirt (only just) over your belly and rubbing it. You are determined to get what you want and that’s getting me hard enough to slip inside you. “I know how much you wanted this last time, to have this sexy pregnant girl sitting on top of you while your cock grows against her. Grow against me, you know you want to. Feel my swollen belly. Now what got you so hard last time…hmmm. Imagine I’m full of your cum, that my stomach is swollen with your load because I swallowed it all. That’s right, I wrapped my lips around your shaft sucked it just right and swallowed everything you gave me. You loved hearing me go Gulp…..Gulp…..Gulp. (your hands trace from your throat to your belly) I knew just how to suck to keep your orgasm going I just kept swallowing feeling my stomach get heavier and rounder with your cum. That’s it I can feel you getting harder against me.” You lean forward and reach under your skirt slipping me inside you and slowly sit down feeling my cock slide deep inside you. You sit for a moment taking me all in, then start to rock all over me slowly and with deliberate control. “Mmm. I love how big you are for me. How does that feel having your cock slide in and out of a pregnant schoolgirl’s pregnant belly? Don’t you love how big my belly is? There’s not a lot of room for your cock inside me these days. (you wink deviously and pat your swollen belly) You suddenly stop gasp as you feel me grow inside you even more at that last comment. “Oh, wow! You just got even bigger inside me. I wonder what would happen if I did this?” You pull your shirt up over your bra, but leave it still on.You suddenly feel me grow again even bigger “Oh, my God. You’re so HUGE! (you try to slide me out a little but can’t move me out at all) You’re so big you’re stuck inside me. Your cock is so full of cum I can’t pull it out at all. I guess there’s only one place for all that cum to go” You pat your belly with both hands and grin knowing this is exactly what you wanted. You rock on me slowly leaning forward using your pussy to milk my cock still incredibly focused. ” See this big belly? I want you to make it bigger and heavier with your load. I want to be pumped full of cum. This sexy pregnant hottie wants her belly to be huge with your cum. All my girlfriends will be so jealous when I tell them how much cum is inside me. I’ll make them all feel my belly and tell them that’s all your cum in my tummy. Now give it to me” You sit down firmly holding both sides of your belly and moaning as you feel me erupt inside you. (You push your belly slowly out making it look like it’s growing with cum) You catch your breath and gasp grinning as you look at your belly “Wow, you’ve certainly given me a lot to brag’s a good thing I have a few weeks to go because we’re so going to do this every night I can sneak you over”

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