Watch or Download – Reality Girls – Loren Blaine – Loren vs Two Guys! – Reality Girls, Loren Blaine, wrestling – Release [01-07-2017]

New guy Chico comes out competitive like a tiny flash of energy trying to beat Loren grappling. He is fast and tough but Loren is always up for fighting hard. She insults him, locking him in a front face lock as he tries to stand. The two fall back to the ground with Chico wrapped in her headlock. Chico hangs on, squeezing her body with his arms and staving her off. He goes for a front facelock too but the blonde session girl counters, wrapping him up as the battle continues with Chico fighting to stay out of her feared headscissors. After a little more than five minutes he can barley breathe from exhaustion while the ruthless surfer girl is barley winded. Starting back up, he decided taking her straight headscissors would be easier on his lungs. It is, but not on his throat as the beautiful girl’s muscular legs crush him in front headscissors. She tells him she wants to see his face as she draws him high up in her crotch. Long front headscissors. Chico is tough and Loren is strong. He taps; she lets him breathe then squeezes again before drawing him up in her perfect reverse headscissors that daze him. Then it’s a fall back with her into her rear naked choke, into her carotid choke that can put people away in seconds. “I can’t do it anymore,” Chico says and in steps Tough Guy. It’s not his given name. Rather he earns it here in his first appearance, taking Loren’s feared headscissors at full power for long periods without going to sleep. Her muscles flex around his neck as she pours on her infamous pressure. A figure four headscissors –she cranks it on. “He will not tap!” she says. “Because I can still breathe,” the ultra tough guy says, then starts leaking tears in her rear naked choke and tapping. So many guys who can take so much here … but this guy is inhuman in what he can endure in headscissors, even making Loren wonder out loud how he can take so much from her legs. Her rear naked choke becomes a different story as the stubborn guy keeps tapping and choking and gasping but keeps putting himself back in her arms each time she gives him a breath. It becomes a long and torturous time for him as the two find respect between them as pain inflictor and victim. In the end he is shaking and tapping and still asking for more — until he can take no more, purple, his face looking ready to explode. A true test for Chico and Tough Guy to earn stripes against one of the meanest girls in the world, and they do it with honors.

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