Watch or Download – ScissorVixens – SVDL 1256 – Agatha’s Savage Oiled Scissors! – ScissorVixens, smothering, choke, throat fetish – Release [07-02-2019]

We first worked with Agatha ‘The Agonizer’ several years ago in Vegas (before eventually moving there) and at the time, she was relatively new to the mixed wrestling/scissor scene but did have some experience through another producer who recommended her to us.
The first thing that you notice about Agatha ‘The Agonizer’ is that she’s ALL LEGS and the second thing you notice about her is that although her legs are not huge or overly muscular, they are lean and yes…they can SQUEEEEZE the living daylights out of you!
She’s been an exotic dancer for several years which explains the power in her thighs and since our first shoot with her, she has perfected her ‘scissor game’ through many sessions where she says scissors are what her clients ask for the most. And she told us they are all genuinely shocked at how powerful her leg scissors are given her thin, but lean, physique!
So now she’s back looking SEXIER than ever in one of our popular SAVAGE OILED SCISSORS videos where our victim remembers Agatha’s scissors from many years ago but thinks after she’s all oiled up, he has a chance of slipping out of her grip…WRONG!
Right from the start Agatha ‘The Agonizer’ has him screaming and tapping out from an AGONIZING classic neck scissors from behind where he admits…”You’re even stronger than last time!”.
Watch as she puts him into a camel clutch nearly ripping his shoulders out of their sockets while pulling back on his chin with both hands telling him…”I’ll break your fucking back!”.
Then she’s has him tapping out some more in a BRUTAL throat scissors telling him…”Feel the POWER of those oily thighs, choking the life out of you…these thighs are LETHAL WEAPONS baby!”.
She then moves on to a SUFFOCATING breast smother completely covering his face with her oiled tits as he struggles to get oxygen but gets none!
Agatha also combines some SEXY hand-over-mouth action with her LETHAL leg scissors to double his pain and suffering even more telling him at one point…”You can’t escape me, I’m way too fucking strong for you!”.
But even Agatha is surprised how fast he taps out of her first reverse head scissors instantly slapping the side of her thigh in a moment of panic!
There are many more BRUTAL scissors and frantic tap-outs along the way but none as frantic as the FINAL reverse head scissors where she applies every ounce of butt-clenching POWER after she gives him 10-seconds to escape but of course…he FAILS to do so!
After TOTALLY DESTROYING her victim, Agatha ‘The Agonizer’ pours the remaining oil all over his face then looks at the camera to challenge any other bitches who think they can take her SAVAGE OILED SCISSORS!

File Name : 11___ScissorVixensSVDL1256AgathasSadom
Format: MPEG-4
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Duration: 00:24:13
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