Watch or Download – Goddess Vikki, Brooke Marie – Mesmerizing The Hero-Twin Seduction – Goddess Vikki, Brooke Marie, Dirty – Release [24-01-2019]

The hero enters the lair, [Vikki] already waiting for him. Before the hero has a chance to fight, [Vikki] begins to sway her body, teasing the hero with her ass and breasts. Why the rush, hero? Isnt fighting evil all day tiring? I think you deserve a break. Before long, the hero is completely mesmerized by [Vikki]s body and tempting voice, ushering him to relax, stare, and submit. The hero seemingly at her mercy, [Vikki] reveals that her body is mesmerizing to all men, and that any who stare for too long are completely captivated. After hearing this, the hero begins to resist – but this only humours [Vikki]. I was almost disappointed, hero – you almost made it too easy. But were just getting started. [Brooke] walks into the scene, much to the heros surprise – he didnt know the Gemini Villainess was twin sisters! They tease and dance and display each other, seducing the hero, draining his will to resist. Its over now, hero. No one can resist us both. Why would they even want to? It feels so much better to just give in. Completely mesmerized now, the hero is commanded to get on his knees, and stroke for the goddesses before him. They continue their tease and seduction, with their asses, and breasts, and villainous giggles, and reveal one last power of theirs – any man who cums, while gazing upon their beauty, will become their slave forever! But its already too late for the hero – he cant stop stroking! The villainesses count the hero down from ten, and command him to cum, and without any will to resist, the hero does exactly as hes commanded. The villainesses stand over the hero as his vision begins to fade, but before his eyes completely close, the Gemini Villainesses blow him a kiss goodnight. You never stood a chance. Sweet dreams, hero.

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