Watch or Download – ScissorVixens – SVDL 1251 – Megan Jones – The Python – choking, handsmother, femme fatale, powerful – Release [18-01-2019]

When it comes to playing the role of a female assassin, enforcer, fixer, muscle or any other character that requires hunting down and ruthlessly torturing her target before putting him out of his misery, few can do it better than Megan Jones in ‘The Python’!
And never has Megan Jones looked more SEXY and LETHAL dressed in here python patterned leotard wearing black pantyhose underneath finished off with knee-high latex boots!
Stealing is never a good idea but when you steal from the boss, the boss wants to make sure that you not only pay the ultimate price but you suffer a long and painfully!
And when that’s what the boss wants…he sends his most lethal enforcer known as ‘The Python’ to use her superhuman thighs to extract information before extracting your life!
Poor thief…thinks one of his buddies booked a room in a remote hotel to hide out for a few days but little does he know it was booked by the boss!
He asks his buddy who booked the room but when his buddy tells him he doesn’t know…he gets nervous and tries to leave.
But lurking behind the heavy window curtains is ‘The Python’ and she’s got a little problem to take care of….HIM!
Just as he tries to stand up, she sneaks up behind him wrapping her powerful arms around his neck and begins to squeeze while grabbing his phone at the same time.
Then she tells him…”You took the bosses money!” right before thrusting her thighs out straight nearly snapping his neck in two!
Listen to her boots creak as she tightens her SQUEEEEEEZE delivering a nearly lethal dose of eye-popping pressure one leg scissors after the other!
Her reverse head scissors are simply amazing to watch as her thighs and ass swell up into huge, muscular skull-crushers rendering him paralyzed and often barely able to make a sound!
At one point she tells him she’s just toying with him then shows him just how quickly she can end his life if she wanted to in a vicious across-the-throat scissors!
And in one of the SEXIEST scissor scenes ever, she lays his limp body across the desk hanging his head off of the edge and warning him…”Don’t you pass out on me because when you wake up, it’s going to be even worse for you!”.
Too bad for him as he takes a nap and is then subjected to her reverse head scissors again, this time standing up!
Watch as he knocks the phone onto the floor as his body starts to convulse uncontrollably from ‘The Python’s’ lethal grip!
Finally, and perhaps mercifully, she decides he’s suffered enough and tells him…”You’re finished!” as she wedges his neck between her thighs standing up and completes the job the boss sent her to do!
She calls to let the boss know he suffered a whole lot and then asks for her next assignment finally proclaiming…”I love my job!”.
For fans of our female assassin videos and fans of Megan Jones…this is one LETHAL combination you don’t want to miss!

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