Watch or Download – Princess Skylar, Princess Grace – Too Small To Cum – Worship, Dirty Talk, Tease and – Release [15-01-2019]

We honestly cannot believe how small your dick is. Me n Queen Grace are laughing our asses off right in your face after we make you pull your pants down and show us! We even begin comparing it to various items we had laying around the house. No wonder you are so pathetic.

Every time you look down you are reminded of how INFERIOR you are and how you will NEVER please a woman lol. You were basically destined for being treated like this by women. Obviously NO ONE would ever have sex with you. But tell you what loser…you can kneel there and stare at the very bottom of our FILTHY feet while you masturbate and we LAUGH at you.

This is seriously like the BEST a loser like you could probably get anyway lol. We even give you a cum-countdown at the end! Do we let you cum?? Well you will just need to download the clip and find out, won’t you, tiny?!? Haha!

MP4 * 519 MB * 00:08:07 * 1920×1080

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