Watch or Download – Goddess Christina – Weak For Shiny – Goddess Christina, Shiny Fetish, Financial – Release [10-01-2019]

Youre weak for anything shiny and sexy. Well – as you can see I happen to be both of those things – so that means youre completely powerless. You might as well acknowledge right now that you have no control. That I can make you do anything that I want you to – and thats exactly what I intend to do. I intend to use you and abuse you. You didnt expect anything less did you?

You are financial slave to this hot body. I want you to spend more and more and I know that this tiny shiny dress makes it so easy for you. Just focus on the light reflecting off my body. Watch as it glistens off all of my curves. It feels so good to worship me right now doesnt it? You are fixated by the shiny perfection before you. I just cant resist using a shiny jerkaholic such as yourself for my own benefit. Im a greedy Goddess what can I say and I want you to worship better….

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