Watch or Download – Princess Ellie Idol – SANTA IS A GIRL – Countdown, Mesmerize, Mind Fuck, JOI – Release [31-12-2018]

Santa Claus arrives at Alans condo very late on Christmas Eve to find him asleep in front of the fireplace. Alan wakes up as Santa is leaving him a present under the tree. Santa seems amused to see Alan awake and takes a long look at him is in his boxers and a muscle shirt. Santa says that he has special surprise for Alan. Santa turns around slowly so Alan can see his portly, old mans body. Santa reaches into his bag and produces an iPod and selects a slow, sultry dance song to play out loud. Santa starts to dance to the music, moving awkwardly to the beat of the music and turning around slowly. After a short bit of clumsy dancing, Santa starts to take off his gloves very slowly and suggestively – pulling each finger of the glove loose one by one. As Santa removes each of his gloves, Alan can see that Santa actually has small, petite hands. Santa proceeds to slowly unclasp his large black belt which he dangles proudly in front of Alan before dropping it in front of him with a smile. Santa then slowly and seductively unclasps the front of his red coat. He slowly and playfully removes it to reveal he is wearing a flannel shirt over suspenders. Santa starts dancing more easily to the music that is playing. Santa then removes each of his boots and drops them playfully down to the floor next to Alan. He then plays with the suspenders of his red pants and slides them off of each shoulder. Santa removes his red pants to reveal he has on padding over sweat pants. Is Santa really smaller than he seems? Perhaps Santa isn’t a he at all…. in fact, Santa is a SHE! Things start to get real hot in here, as Santa strips down to bra and panties…. What will happen next?!

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Format: MPEG-4
File Size : 196 MB
Duration: 00:13:01
Video: AVC, 854 x 480, 29.970 FPS, 1995 kb/s
Audio: AAC LC, 2 channels, 96.0 kb/s

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