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Hey Girl! We need to have a talk about your boyfriend … And boy do we have some things to talk about! Don’t worry, it’s nothing bad, it could actually turn out really great for you. So let’s talk about what’s most important – the sex. I bet you’ve noticed he’s kind of, docile in bed? Doesn’t really make the first move ever and the times he has fucked you he’s never been as aggressive as you’d like and I know he’s embarrassed about it, but he’s kinda had trouble staying hard during the act, right? On the plus side, he never asks any questions about going down on you and seems to even prefer that, am I right? All the signs are there girl, you’re dating a beta!

Maybe you haven’t heard the term, but you know the type. He’s submissive, he adores and worships you and honestly deep down he kinda thinks he doesn’t deserve you. Here’s the best part, taking advantage of his beta leanings means better sex for you and he’ll be turned on by seeing you take advantage of him. It’s a total win win! So, first things first, you need to do him a favor and tell him his days of pussy fucking are over. Simply tell him the truth, beta males don’t fuck pussy. Beta males are meant to be pussyfree. He might whine a bit at first, but honestly, he’s been intimidated by your pussy from the start and it’s frustrated and stressed him out that he can’t fuck you better, fuck you the way you deserve. He’ll understand and a part of him will secretly thank you for cutting him off. Watch his little dicklette as you tell him he’s pussy denied, he’ll have one of the hardest little stiffies you’ve ever seen, guaranteed!

Dicklette, oh haha, you’ve never heard it called it that! Well that’s what a beta male like your boyfriend packs. He already knows that, but he’ll love hearing it from you. Betas get so hot and bothered by humiliation! I know it’s weird , but trust me. Oh and about your beta boyfriend’s dicklette, its basically built for masturbation. Honestly, probably part of the reason he’d be sporting a softy trying to fuck you is all the masturbation he puts his little dicklette through. Yea, hate to break it to you, but he’s been masturbating behind your back, it’s just what betas do, they masturbate tons. Take advantage of that. He’s meant for masturbation, he knows it and now you do too. From now on, if he wants to masturbate he has to ask you and earn it!

So what about what really matters, the sex for you? The world’s your oyster! Focus on your pleasure. Period. You’re his goddess and your pussy is his temple. Make him worship it. You should get all the oral you want, whenever you want. Betas love pussylicking. He’ll have a stiffy the whole time, but you already know that. And here’s the even better news, you don’t have to bother reciprocating, I mean you could if you want to, but you totally don’t have too, especially now. Supervising his masturbation can become the only ‘sex’ you give him. Don’t feel bad about it, betas like your boyfriend deep down believe they don’t deserve more than masturbation, I say encourage that, less work for you, and I mean do you honestly get much pleasure out of touching his dicklette? Seriously, leave it to him!

But what about getting fucked? Totally get it, sometimes you need a hard cock in your vagina. We’ve already established your boyfriend isn’t up to the task. But I’m sure you know someone else out there who is. And here’s the crazy part, you can fuck that special someone! No need to cheat even. Tell your beta boyfriend that your pussy deserves a real fucking and since his dicklette isn’t up to the task you need to find someone else. I guarantee you the perv will be sporting a little boner as you break the news to him. Most importantly, he’ll agree with you, heck, he’ll probably beg you to get fucked by a real man!

Once you start dating a man worthy of fucking make sure your beta boyfriend keeps it in his pants while you’re out, otherwise he’ll rub it raw. It’ll be a huge thrill for him imagining you having sex with a real man and he’ll be powerfully excited. But remember, it’s emotionally taxing and he’ll have all sorts of feelings going through his silly little head while you’re out so when you get home talk to him, hold and comfort him. Let him know he’s loved, that you’re not leaving him and that you want to make love to him now more than ever. Gently, but firmly push him down to your messy, well fucked pussy and have him go down on you, encourage him to aggressively reclaim your pussy with his tongue. By now he knows this is the way you make love together. While he’s down there feel free to share details of your earlier intimacy, it’ll excite him and propel him to even better pussylicking!

After you’ve gotten enough pleasure out of him the poor boi will probably be as aroused as you’ve ever seen him and hoping for some action of his own! He might even beg for sloppy seconds or other attention from you, but stand firm and make it clear, little dicklettes get off through masturbation. There’s no need to be cruel about it though, at least right now he’ll be in a vulnerable state, so make his masturbation meaningful and intimate. You’ll be surprised how much he’ll appreciate it if you simply sit by his side and hold his non-wanking hand and tell him how he’s your special little boi as he wanks. He’ll probably have one of if not the biggest squirts of his life and proceed to thank you for everything.

So just to recap: you cut him off, use him as your sex slave, get all the real dick you want on the side, have him clean you out, have him settle for wanking himself off AND you get thanked for all of that! If that’s not having your cake and eating it too, I don’t know what is! This life is yours for the taking, good luck and have fun babe!

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