Watch or Download – Sasha Mizaree – Zeta Bitch Humiliation Affirmations Brainwash – Talk, Tease and Denial, Financial – Release [28-11-2018]

Has a woman ever told you that size doesn’t matter, Or that it’s all about the personality? Guess what? They lied because they didn’t want to see a pathetic loser cry or hear your whining like the freak that you are. If you heard such lies and if you were stupid enough to believe them, this clip will set you straight. Your tiny cock is about as pathetic as your entire personality. I can’t even call you a beta bitch because that’s not accurate enough, you are a ZETA BITCH. So here is what I will have you do. Repeat humiliating (truthful) affirmations, while slightly different ones flash on the screen, making this a double brainwash. After the initial brainwash, you will have a humiliation affirmations task which will be spread out over 3 hours. Only after you complete them will you be allowed to cum. You spent your entire life being sexually frustrated so this should be easy.

MP4 * 560 MB * 00:10:42 * 1920×1080

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