Watch or Download – Americanmeangirls – Princess Amber – Worship Me for Your Key – male feet, male foot, foot – Release [24-11-2018]

I am chilling out on the deck and have been in my work flats all day. My feet are sweaty and stinky as hell. (This is ALL real BTW! I was working all day at my “day job” in these flats- although I don’t think that is going to be happening much longer with the way you losers are buying all my clip haha. When I open my own store I am like DONE with this “working” BS…) Anyways, I ring the servant’s bell that me an my Aunt Platinum keep around, and a slave comes crawling over to serve me. I demand that it take my flats off, sniff them DEEPLY to inhale my scent, and then WORSHIP MY FEET!!

I want ALL the foot-sweat licked off. Especially between the toes where it really builds up throughout the day. And this poor slave has apparently been locked up in one of those cock cage thingies for like WEEKS now. It starts begging me to let it out haha. So I just see this as an opportunity to have FUN with a pathetic fucking slave! Especially since I know the taste of my FEET make any of these freaks go crazy. So I demand that it keep worshiping my feet because what I WANT is all that matters! (And TBH, the slave doesn’t know it, but I actually LOVE that it is driving the slave even MORE insane at my feet because of that little cage on its cock! Haha!) I tell the foot freak slave that I will “consider” letting it out of chastity if it “does a good enough job worshiping my feet”.

You should see the freak go CRAZY after I tell him THAT! LOL! He like tries sooo hard to worship my feet like his life depends on it after I tell him that. (I make a little mental note about that when I see how desperate he gets…these cock cages are GREAT for mentally conditioning slaves!) By the end, my feet are all sweat-free and I am feeling nice and relaxed. Not to mention kinda horny and MEAN.

So I start telling the slave about all the guys I’ve fucked during the past few weeks while its cock was locked up- and it wasn’t even allowed to MASTURBATE! Haha. Then it is time to make my decision…will I unlock the poor slave that has been locked up for sooo long and trying sooo hard to worship my feet and make me happy? Or will I cruelly leave it locked up and go off to fuck this hot guy I know at work that just texted me? Hmm…watch the clip and see what I decide to do!

File Name : 11___WorshipMeforYousdfg0
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