Watch or Download – Clubdinasky – Egyptian Goddess Squirting and JOI – instructions, masturbation instruction, Goddess Worship – Release [19-11-2018]

Let’s take it back in time to the ancient times, where you present yourself in front of the gorgeous Egyptian Goddess Dina, portraying the Goddess Anuket who was the Goddess of the Nile River. The setting appears more like the spirit of the Goddess (because of the green screen effects/blue wig I had to tweak it a bit but makes it feel like more of lets say a dream) You ask of her request for more crops & a much more flowing Nile river. Goddess doesn’t just grant it just like that, so you know you need to be prepared for what she wants In return. Naturally not expecting it to turn a much different route, she tells you to strip down, she wants to be entertained and turned on. If you don’t do it the guards will be summoned and you’ll be put away, so even though your married you have no choice you already made it this far, its a privilege to even been seen in front of her being just another village person. You strip down in front of her but your not hard yet, she realizes it unimpressed she decides to give you some encouragement revealing her breasts to you as she tells you to stare at them, and begin stroking that cock. Your almost instantly hard at this point, never seen a pair of breasts this beautiful and glowing in front of you. You stroke your cock as she teases you with her breasts and talks to you, knowing how powerful she is and beautiful, she sits down and almost reveals her treasure box. Your feeling a trance like you can’t keep your eyes off her, she knows it too. She tells you to stroke the throbbing cock, and expresses how you have forgotten everything, even your wife because all you want is her. She starts to play with herself because she’s very wet and turned on, expressing to you that the way she fills the nile river is by squirting, and lately she hasn’t been turned on to make it a wet mess and fill it, that’s why the river is so low now. You know you are apart of fixing that by jerking your cock for her. Then it happens, she squirts her juices out, moaning loud with enjoyment, so wet, so hot, so turned on. She keeps going she needs to give more, your so focused on her treasure box you can’t keep your eyes off of her as it squirts all over the place hitting you and flooding the precious gold floor, seeping into the cracks and entering the nile. She continues to tell you to jerk it off that cock, even lets out one more before she sits up and asks if you wan to cum, you do don’t you? She is going to grace you with her face and breasts and let you cum, something that is usually forbidden, for a Goddess like her, its usually all looks never touch, unless she grants it and for once she is going to let you do that. You jerk your cock even harder and faster as she counts you down, and demands that you cum. ….3…2 ….1 you explode all over the Goddess breasts and face, even asks for some in her mouth. She is very pleased with your entertainment, and says very well your requests have been granted you may now return to your home to see everything replenished.

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