Watch or Download – Americanmeangirls – Princess Gemma – Ballbusted For A Bad Day- and a Good Friend – Americanmeangirls, Princess Gemma, CBT, ball – Release [18-11-2018]

I am sitting her with my girlfriend that has never seen the “princess” side of me before. I tell her about the day that I have had, and how I’d like to take it out on somebody- so I make a phone call and tell “some loser” to running over just so I can abuse it and take my frustrations out on him.

She can’t believe that someone would agree to that for me. But I explain to her that this freak I just called is obsessed with my FEET, of all things- which I think is pathetic, but it makes him really useful to me! Like when I say anything, I mean he will put up with ANYTHING just to let him kiss my feet! Haha. My frend doesn’t really believe me, and I can’t wait to show off in front of her!

Finally the idiot shows up, and he is literally the definition of PATHETIC. He like throws himself at my feet an BEGS to do “anything I want” just so he can kiss my perfect feet. I tell him I want to kick his balls in- and he is crushed. But we both know he has no choice. So in a matter of seconds he is stripped naked and standing at attention with his legs spread nice n wide for me- just so I can kick him in the balls as hard as I want while my GF watches and laughs at him!

I kick him over & over…and the whole time, I am teasing him with my feet and telling telling him “just 1 more kind and maybe, just maaaybe he will be allowed to kiss my feet!” Which is all lies. I plan on kicking him WAY more times than just one! But he doesn’t know that and foot freaks like him don’t deserve to be treated with any respect or dignity- so I really don’t care if I ma getting his hopes up, just to CRUUSH them again! I think its funny that my FEET can do this to him- and so does my friend! This is great entertainment for us!

I won’t go on to explain any further, except to say that you should watch this just to see how mean I am to him at the end. (Does he EVER get to kiss my perfect feet? Or am I just a terrible, cruel “foot-tease”?? You will need to watch to find out! Haha.) Oh, and I even let my friend have a couple of good kicks on his balls! Just because I am a good friend- and because I have no respect for this loser foot freak. It deserves to be kicked by EVERY girlfriend I have, IMO!!!

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