Watch or Download – Madam Violet – Therapeutic Humiliation – Talk, Tease and Denial, Financial – Release [17-11-2018]

A real Thirty minute session with Dr Violet…youre so fucked! Dr Violet takes off her glasses and smiles “just answer the questions as honestly as possible, there’s no wrong answer…how does it feel when I say ‘you’re a pathetic useless bitch?’. You shudder with arousal…“Hmmm, Ok.” She takes notes. “if I was to say to you, ‘get on your knees right now and take out your cock’, do you think you would do it?” When she stands up and you realise she’s not wearing a skirt that you start to get really fucking hard…you find yourself kneeling. She climbs on the desk and stares at your cock with disgust all over her BEAUTIFUL face “when I look at you I feel nothing! You’re a waste of fucking space!” She beams at you “remember it’s only role play!” But you’re starting to think she means what she says. You’re crawling to her NAKED like a little maggot, so HARD, confused, embarrassed. Is this therapy, is she fucking with you? Then she mesmerises you and all thoughts STOP. Her big juicy breasts are tormenting you as you squirm on floor beneath her BEATING your cock furiously. She humiliates you, derides you, as she makes you stroke your cock her psychological insights slice you DEEPLY inside. Truth always does. Such as -there’s no helping you. So she’s just going to FUCK YOU. She fucks your mind so hard you remember nothing else but when you wake up there is definite taste of CUM in your MOUTH. Contains: mesmerise, mindfuck, countdown deepener, finger snaps, therapist, mental domination, manipulation, humiliation, cruel mistress, psychological humiliation, disgust, impatience, men following orders, stripping, tit worship, JOI, cum countdown, CEI, powerful woman, femdom pov

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