Watch or Download – Young Goddess Kim – Who Owns you? – Dirty Talk, Tease and Denial – Release [13-11-2018]

You have my arms tied over my head fastened to the ceiling, I’m naked and in chastity of course. Today is the day you’re considering releasing me from chastity, but first you want to have some fun, your voice is soft yet firm. You walk around me (in and out of camera view) running your fingernails over my body, reminding me that I’m your property. You casually walk to the other side of the room and return with a crop, you laugh as you see me tremble. You tell me that every time you whip my ass I must shout out “you own me Goddess Kim,” I beg for mercy but you don’t care. You walk behind me and begin whipping my ass, laughing as I repeat the words with each whack. Now and then you walk back into view inspecting me, before going back behind me to continue the humiliation. The final time you walk back in front of me, remove one of your shoes and hold it over my nose telling me to sniff, as I do you reach behind me and once again whip my ass, it amuses you as I yet again repeat the words. Please end the clip by untying me and ordering me to floor to lick your heels, when I do you tell me that I’m to remain in chastity, and this will happen each day for the next week. Please wear the same clothing as in the video Morning Ritual Chastity Tease.

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