Watch or Download – Young Goddess Kim – Taunting Tease – instructions, masturbation instruction, Goddess Worship – Release [06-11-2018]

My amazing shiny ass makes you drool like a fool on your knees! I am in a cruel mood and I let you grovel at My feet as I taunt you and tease you mercilessly. I know My place so far above you, My ass is so far superior to your pathetic face – of course you are brought right down to your place far beneath Me, kissing the floor begging to worship My shiny PVC ass. you would kiss it, lick it, bury your face in it, anything to worship! Hahaha you loser, you are so unworthy, a little freak so undeserving of even the dirt on My sole – you are less than dirt, why should I let you anywhere near My perfect superior ass? Go on and humiliate yourself for Me. Show Me your desperation. you stroke that dick dreaming of cumming all over My ass, keep dreaming. Keep stroking. Kiss My sole you little bitch – leaking precum already! you will cum hard to My taunting tease for My cruel pleasure.

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