Watch or Download – Asian Cruelty – Goddess Mena – WHIPPED AND HUMILIATED FOR MY AMUSEMENT – bare bottom spanking, slave torture – Release [05-11-2018]

This particular slave is overdue for a much deserved punishment session for his overly inflated opinion of himself. Tonight I will surely take him down a peg or two…or ten. He had it coming.

First I strip him naked, leaving him only in a locked chastity cage and his neck tie, to mock his apparent revered standing in the corporate sector. His position in the business world is of no significance to me. This is MY WORLD, and he is but one of a countless number of slaves willing to devote their lives to serving my wishes and desires. A fact he will better realize after tonight.

First I pin him to a vertical bondage board and use a rather intense leather whip to tenderize his ass. My agonizing whip strikes rip into his ass flesh until he proudly proclaims that he is my pathetic shoe slave and financial servant. Good, we are making progress. Ha Ha!

Next I take him to the floor, force him to lie on his stomach and secure his wrists tightly behind his back. I order him to crawl on his belly and chase after my stilettos in the hopes of catching a momentary sniff or lick of the leather. But I do not make the task an easy one, as I saunter around the room leading him by a collar and leash as he slithers frantically behind to catch up. Surely at this moment, he is painfully aware that his apparent importance and ego have no place here.

To further drive home the point, I grab another unpleasant whip and put it to his thighs, back and hindquarters as grovels at my shoes. With each strike, his position of inferiority sinks in deeper…deeper…deeper. He begs for freedom from his steel cock cage and the opportunity for an orgasm. But there shall be none. In fact, little does he know that his genital imprisonment will be a long term commitment, starting right now.

Say goodbye to the world, prestige and freedoms you once enjoyed slave. And say hello to MY WORLD!

Category: BONDAGE


Keywords: goddess mena, bdsm, slave training, humiliation, female domination, bondage whipping, chastity, female superiority, corporal punishment, shoe fetish, strap on, sensual domination, discipline, shoe worship

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