Watch or Download – Sarah Diavola – Breast Binge – masturbation instruction, Goddess Worship, Dirty – Release [03-11-2018]

My tits walk into the room before I do. They’re so widely admired, even straight women fall in love with them. They’re the compelling couple that makes you want to binge for Me. Over and over. I know you’re touching yourself right now. That’s ok, because that’s your weakness, and that’s My breasts’ special talent: exploiting your weaknesses. Keep jerking, because you can’t resist it. I make your cock twitch, and We (My tits and I) are really good at what We do to you.

As your brain goes weak and your dick gets hard, your credit card gets loose and opens up for Me. Binge for My boobs. Do it. I don’t even have to ask.

MP4 * 676 MB * 00:04:46 * 1920×1080

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