Watch or Download – Ashley Albans – A Lesson for #youtoo – masturbation instruction, Goddess Worship, Dirty – Release [01-11-2018]

You walk into work to find your favorite office slut sitting at your desk instead of under it. You ask her what she’s doing, and she tells you that she thought it would be fun if she was the boss today. You laugh. She’s cute, but that’s absolutely not happening. You hired her so she can do whatever you want. To your astonishment, she looks you and says, “too fucking bad.” She explains that she knows you watch the news. New allegations about sexual harassment and assault come out every day. And since you had her suck your dick and fuck you during the interview process to get this job, you know that you would be absolutely fucked if she went public about it. You panic but say that she has no proof. She picks up her phone and asks if you’re aware that it’s possible to make recordings on it. The drains from your face. Did you not think it was weird that the last time you called her into the office, she kept talking dirty about the interview to get you to talk about it? No, of course not; a misogynist like you would never suspect that a woman could outsmart him.

She tells you that it is time for you to know what it feels like to not be in power. She is going to humiliate you and teach you a lesson. She demands that you get down on your knees and stroke your dick. You are reluctant but you do as she says. You have difficulty getting hard at first, so she teases you with her body. Once you see her jiggling her ass, your dick has a mind of its own. When you have a boner, she grabs her phone and starts to record you. She makes you apologize to women everywhere. Now that she has what she wants, she tells you to hurry up and cum, and gives you a countdown from 10. After, she laughs and tells you that these sessions will continue until you have completely learned your lesson.

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