Watch or Download – Worship Violet Doll – Violet Hates You – instructions, masturbation instruction, Goddess Worship – Release [21-10-2018]

When you spend you’re tolerable. A sweet little slave in sub space, giving in to My every command. Bending over backwards to please Me, living for My happiness alone. We have a lot of fun together, floating in the high of our special affair. You get off on giving, I get off on taking. You know you’re incredibly lucky to be acknowledged by a Goddess like Me. I dare to say, I might even like you sometimes. I enjoy our arrangement. You’re such a good boy sacrificing everything for Me, just like you know you should. When you’re not giving, I fucking hate you. When the reality of your debt kicks in, you become a sniveling coward. Your mere existence is so aggravating and pathetic. You’re no longer My good boy, you’re dead weight. So I drop you. You really want to fix your mundane little problems? I’ll give you a few pointers. Follow these 5 tips and maybe I’ll stop hating you.

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