Watch or Download – Americanmeangirls – Princess Gemma, Princess Carmela – Mean Girls Air BnB- The Human Welcome Mat – Americanmeangirls, Princess Gemma, Princess Carmela – Release [19-09-2018]

We are starting a new use for The Mean Girls Punishment Camp. We decided recently to start marketing it to other hot girls online and allow them to use the property just outside Vegas for free. Most of them can’t believe it. Especially when they are told that it comes with their own personal “waitstaff” that is at their beckon call 24/7! Princess Carmela is there to meet our first guest, Gemma.

Carmela walks her up the stairs and Gemma can’t believe her eyes- there is actually a human welcome mat for her to wipe her feet on before she even steps foot inside! She can’t believe that this loser is so pathetic that it is literally nothing more than a “thing” for women to wipe their feet on before entering the house! She reminds Carmela that she is wearing HEELS! This loser can’t be THAT pathetic that it will just let her step on him in her heels?? Of course, this is commonplace to Carmela, so she gives Gemma a “demo” by hopping up onto the loser and stomping all over him in her stilettos like it is nothing. The slave underneath her is in agony…but gladly endures its suffering in a desperate attempt to please Carmela with its obedience..

After seeing this, Gemma is like “game on!” and hops on the loser herself- without even thinking of taking her heels off! She said later that she figures if that idiot is so stupid and pathetic that it will lay their in front of the doorway just because it is commanded to by hot girls, then she guesses that it deserves this!

***This was “Princess Gemma’s” first visit to “The Mean Girl Desert AirBnB” and was her “intro” into the world of walking all over inferior losers- and she absolutely loved it! This is just the beginning for “Princess Gemma” at the Mean Girls Air BnB! She said she wants to learn more about how to walk all over men and be treated very literally like a Princess, so she definitely came to the right place for her Vegas vacation! You should be seeing more of her in Our clips!***

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