Watch or Download – The Lesley Fox Supremacy – Don’t Enter My Bedroom! – wrestling, naked wrestling, mixed fighting – Release [06-09-2018]

Custom request story (30 minutes)

– Intro Lesley (3 minutes): You come home dressed as a schoolgirl (exactly as in your latest clip Bratty Lesley but all hair in 2 pigtails) as you come back from an undercover job at a school. The job was very tiring so you go to bed to relax, take off your shoes and fall asleep.

– Intro men (1 minute): While sleeping, men enter your house and look into your stuff in search of any evidence you found during your investigation. 2 men reach your bedroom, enter and see you sleeping. They decide to interrogate you but first want to have some fun. They approach the bed and want to overwhelm you but you react and the fighting starts.

– Fighting in bedroom (12 minutes): You can select what moves you want to use.

– Lesley enters living room and encounter 2 men (1 minute). You seduce them with your smile and looks. When they approach you, you raise your skirt so they are distracted and you can start your attack.

– Fighting in living room (12 minutes): You can select what moves you want to use. After some 7 to 8 minutes of fighting you eliminate the first attacker. You continue the fight and at the end eliminate the second one.

– End of the fight (1 minute): You walk around your eliminated attackers and show your superiority. You take your phone and calls the police to inform them of the intruders but you mention they dont need to hurry as these guys will not go anywhere anymore and start laughing.


Of course the men who attack you in the bedroom can be the same ones as in the living room. Maybe they can wear masks. Regarding the fighting, I leave the actions up to you. Just would like to see following is included:- At regular times the men attack you at the same time. – You use combined moves (e.g. karate chop, groin kick…). – I’m no big fan of boxing so not too much of this please. – You show a confident superior attitude towards the men and mock with them when you kicked or punched them in the groin or squeezed their manhood. – At some moment you’re in danger (e.g. grabbed by an attacker or brought down) but can reverse the situation. – You tease with them, humiliate them verbally once you see they are no match for you- When you eliminate them (neck break), you shout loudly a karate yell. – You’re a gorgeous lady so during your high kicks (and also other moves) this should be shown teasingly (e.g. short upskirts).


File Name : 11___DontEnterMyBom!
Format: MPEG-4
File Size : 458 MB
Duration: 00:29:55
Video: AVC, 1280 x 720, 25.000 FPS, 1980 kb/s
Audio: AAC, 2 channels, 152 kb/s

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