Watch or Download – Brat Princess 2 – Amber and Skylar POV – We Get What We Want with Our Feet and Our Looks – instructions, masturbation instruction, Goddess Worship – Release [06-09-2018]

Princesses Amber and Skylar, of The Mean Girls, let you worship their perfect feet while they look down and humiliate you. They think that you are such a loser. Amber and Skylar give you instructions as to how they like to have their feet worshipped so that it feels good for them. The girls are very cruel. They enjoy humiliating and beating up losers like you. Thankfully, they are both young and beautiful, with perfect soles. So, they can get whatever they want and do whatever they please without any consequences. Amber and Skylar talk about how great it is for them to get whatever they want with their feet and their looks. They tell some stories from their real-life experiences about gifts and opportunities that were just handed to them because they are young, female, and pretty. Life’s so hard for lonesome losers, but for pretty girls, it’s a bowl of cherries! It’s time to admit, foot freak, you were just made to serve pretty, young girls like Amber and Sklyar.

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