Watch or Download – Reality Girls Scissors – Amadahy Makes Her Cry – choking, handsmother, femme fatale, powerful – Release [07-08-2018]

Wow, Goddess Amadahy is mean. When you know her — it enhances the fear in you as she has no issue telling you in other circumstances, with just some people — no camera and her assassin legs around his or her neck, she’d be the only one leaving the site. Here against the rail-thin girl Dani, she shows just how cruel she is and how hurting people gets her off. Dani makes her mad early when she lets up and Dani tells her it wasn’t a tap. Everyone in the room knew it was over for Dani then. Amadahy already had gotten mad at Thin Man and now she was locked on a girl she can press above her head their size difference is so great. Dani tells her how strong she is and she feels like she needs to go harder. Mistake. Dani is a masochist but Amadahy lives sadism. She once made a girl violently ill foot-gagging her in the back room of a party because first, Goddess was flattered by the girl’s crush on her, then got her trademark silent rage at mildly rude a comment about her hair. Amadahy praises Dani for her ability to take side scissors at just over a minute but it quickly turns brutal from there. “I’m gonna crack your neck,” she tells Dani. Dani says she can’t and the abuse begins. “I didn’t realize they made girls your size still, you’re like half the size of me.” Dani’s trouble is growing fast. In a throatscissors Amadahy demands “Call me goddess.” Dani won’t. Amadahy crushes her windpipe and repeats her demand. “You either get to breathe and call me goddess or you don’t get to breathe at all.” She’s hurt and begging and Amadahy is pouring the power on the straight headscissors. A rear naked choke that she combines with a bodyscissors.”Where you going,? goddess ask as her weak prey panics. “Nowhere.” She pops Dani’s ribs with the bodyscissors. Dani is hurt but hangs on in the hold. At 5:47 comes one the the meanest moments we have ever witnessed. It is, without the need for terrible study, one of the meanest girl vs girl acts using a scissor hold ever as Amadahy — with Dani begging for mercy snaps out a bodyscissors and cracks Dani’s rib. “You can’t take anymore. You’re crying?” A no more ribs rule is called or Amadahy would have kept it up and put her in the hospital. She threatens to break her elbows. She pulls her into another straight headscissors. Dani’s vision fades. Amadahy makes her breathe through the inside of her boot. “You are mean as fuck,” Dani tells her. In return she gets a throatscissors locked on. Dani is begging. Amadahy just asks “Please what? Please more?” She squeaks out two more “pleases” before she lets the dangerous hold go. Dani begs for a break. Everyone really thought it was going to happen, at least there was the likelihood. Instead Amadahy snaps out another bodyscissors and tells her — “No; don’t be a weakling.” She gets on her back and pulls back the begging and Goddess continuing to pull back is almost too hard hear and watch. Right up there with the worst girl vs girl beatings our erstwhile redhead pain slut Ginger took, is this. It is cruel and inhuman and Goddess Amadahy shows she is to be gravely feared.


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