Watch or Download – Princess Meggerz – Pathetic Gif Wanker, You Cum To The Preview Videos – Worship, Tease and Denial, Financial – Release [03-07-2016]

Are you really that fucking pathetic? You cant even make it past watching the soundless preview video, the gif, on this site, without blowing your load. You’re that big of a fucking loser. You don’t even need to buy the clip. You cum in three seconds flat. Is that why you’re not buying clips? You’re a three second loser. You’re that pathetic. No wonder you’re all alone and not with a woman. You cant even last three seconds with your . Or are you just to cheap to buy a clip? Which one is it?

You blow it in just a few seconds to a preview clip, you’re like a little premature ejaculator. Losers like you are completely incapable of fucking a pussy. You’ve just proven that you’d cum in your pants before you’d even pull it out. You’re that big of a loser. Yet somehow you’re watching this clip. Ill bet you’ve cum like five times already. You probably have to stop the clip every few seconds and then come back later to jerk it again. It must take you hours to get through a clip.

But you’ve come to terms that no woman will ever want you. That’s why you’re buying these clips. Because you’re a pathetic loser, you’re a little gif shooter. I’ll bet you came before you even pressed play.

So lets make this fun, I’m going to really tease you and fuck you over. I’m going to give you something to look at. You’re gonna have to sit on those hands or you’ll explode instantly, the second I begin to undress and tease you with my body. I’m going to tease, taunt and fuck with you until your dick explodes without any stimulation other than me, in front of you, my little gif wanker. Sit on your hands! Just stare, then maybe it will take more than a few seconds for you to cum.

Just think how amazing its going to feel when your cock gushes, and how stupid you’re going to feel without even touching it. I know its throbbing, bouncing, pleading with you to touch it, but if you hold out, it will feel so fucking amazing blow Are you ready? No! Denied. Fuck you. You’re a loser and you’re cumming to gifs without buying clips. You’re denied!

File Name : 11___Pathugiletic
Format: Windows Media
File Size : 286 MB
Duration: 00:08:14
Video: VC-1, 960 x 540, , 4686 Kbps
Audio: WMA, 2 channels, 96.0 Kbps

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