Watch or Download – Princess Rene – Verbally Mindfucking Your Brain Into Loser Mush – – Release [13-07-2016]

Hey loser, are you ready to cum for me today? Of course you are you kinky little bitch. You’re always ready to cum for Princess Rene. That’s because I’m the Queen of humiliation and I Love verbally fucking you. Totally and utterly mindfucking you until you can’t help but squirt your little loser load. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do to you today.

Bitch, slut, perv, loser, wanker… with each insult you get more and more turned on. Faster and faster you jerk. Dweeb, dork, fucktard… you’re getting harder and harder. I’m going to fuck your mind up. You’re so pathetic jerking off to my verbal destruction of your ego. There’s only one reason you’re watching this clip, it’s because you can’t get a girl. If you could, you’d be fucking her right now and not jerking off to me calling you a fucking loser. You’re just a little fucked up loser who will never fuck a girl ever again, a masturbation junkie jerkoff loser.

And you love this, you love when I verbally lobotomize you. You love it so much! Nothing else turns you on like this, nothing else makes you cum so fucking hard! You’re an insignificant nobody. Just a little speck, a nothing. Nobody cares about you. You’re fucking worthless. You’re retarded little loser brain just eats my insults up as if they were candy to your mind.

You are so fucked up that your brain has turned insults into pleasure in the synapses of your mind. Your brain has been completely rewired. Look at you jerking away furiously. Pathetic! Demented! There are so many things wrong with you and the meaner I get the faster you jerk. You’re so fucking stupid, a social reject.

The only kind of girl you’ll ever get is a bratty domme who will never fuck you, never get naked for you, and who will tell you to your face what a fucking loser you are! You have no fucking self esteem. I know you’re getting close to cumming you little fucking bitch! My incessant verbal abuse makes you so horny. I’m just going to humiliate you until your fucking dick explodes!

Jerking your dick is the only thing you’re good at. You’re a femdom addict, jerk junkie, strokeoff zombie, loser! I’m gonna fuck you up! You fucking idiot, LOL!

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File Size : 239 MB
Duration: 00:07:27
Video: VC-1,720×406, , 4404 Kbps
Audio: WMA, 2 channels, 64.0 Kbps

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