Watch or Download – THE MEAN GIRLS – Superior Goddess Brooke – Love Letters From Losers Are Gross – training, HUMILIATION, JOI, MASTURBATION HUMILIATION – Release [24-09-2016]

Get this clip for less money in HD by clicking here Love Letters From Losers Are Gross (1080 HD)This was SO funny. One of the fat, ugly loser house slaves that serves me at Mean Girl Manor (I don’t even know its name) approached me while I was sitting on the Mean Girl throne and begged permission to speak. Can you believe this fat slob had the AUDACITY to profess his “love” for me!I fucking LAUGH IN HIS FACE. I literally make him look me right in the eyes so I can stare directly into his poor, pathetic soul as I tell him he REPULSES me!I can’t believe that this idiot actually thought that it could be anything more to me than a SLAVE. I tell him that there are BUGGS that I STEP on that mean more to me than he does! I tell him that he is fucking LUCKY just to be a SLAVE for a woman as hot as ME!! Well trust me, after this experience- it will never get any “ideas” like this again LOL. It really does amaze me that I could treat someone THIS badly day-in and day-out and yet it STILL falls completely in love with me. I mean, I know I’m HOT and all, but…seriously? Men are so pathetic. And honestly, this happens to us all the time. We treat these idiots like absolute SH**TT and yet they STILL fall in love with us! HAHAHAH!!!! We think it’s fucking hilarious.You need to watch this video to see how truly emotionally cruel I can be. We beat this fat fuck all the time but I think THIS was the most painful thing he has ever experienced!LOLSuperior Goddess Brooke



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