Watch or Download – The Mean Girls – Princess Bella – Under Heel At Mean Girl Manor – The Mean Girls, Princess Bella – Release [20-06-2017]

***This is a continuation of Queen Kasey’s return to MGM and the “tour” of how I`ve been running things in her absence…***

While continuing our rounds at MMG so The Queen can see how it is being run under my authority, Queen Kasey and I come upon Goddess Harley’s loser cuck slave. (I borrowed him recently from her just for this.) He is busy scrubbing away the bl00dstains off of our Mean Girl wall of indignity, where slave after slave has been broken into a filthy wreck at our feet. What better day to wear my new $600 stiletto heeled Giuseppe Zanotti shoes that wrap around my perfect arches like a ribbon made of crystal? These pretty – but heeled – shoes were bought for me by one of my adoring online slaves. And good slaves who buy lovely shoes for their Superiors don’t get trampled. But this worthless cleaning slave, however…I decide that IT’S body will suffer nderneath me – just so I can show off to The Queen basically. Haha.

I am going to drill my high heels into his ribs, and laugh at every moment of it. I love the sound of slaves in agony underneath me. He wriggles around AS IF HE COULD ESCAPE. But he knows why he’s there – and that is simply to take it like the loser bitch he is. I gouge his chest, rocking back on my needle-thin heels with my full weight, and make Queen Kasey laugh about how it looks like his ribcage is going to cave in. It’s funny to mark these losers with pretty little circles. I smile…he cries – just the way it should be. And his cries just make me want to hurt him more! It’s just so fun to break a wimp like this, and no matter now much he whimpers n cries he won’t run away. That’s what fear does to these fools. Before I am done stabbing into this carpet, he`ll remember why he fears and cowers when he hears the “click-clack” of our heels coming toward him while he serves Us here at MGM….

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