Watch or Download – Cbtrample – Alina Milks Twice – Cbtrample, trampling, stomping, barefoot, barefeet – Release [15-08-2017]

This video is probably one of the hottest we ever made. It’s simply splendid to watch Alina sitting on the sofa and playing with her slave an endless carrot and stick game. This video has more than 36 minutes and it’s exciting from the very first to the very last minute with two cumshots caused by awesome Mistress Alina.

It’s simply impossible to describe the whole video here, but here’s a brief summary:

In the beginning the Goddess is wearing hot high heel boots which she uses to dominate her slave. He must KISS HER SOLES AND HER HEELS and she TANTALIZES HIS GENITALS with these boots.

After giving him a SPECIAL ALINA BOOTJOB, she bores one of her heels into slave’s scrotum, that his hard cock bends up. Now she crosses her long legs, so that the whole weight of both of her legs rests on her spiky stiletto in his ballsac. But completely ignoring the pain that she causes, she slooooowly undresses the other shoe in a sensual way.

Now she continues playing with her slave with one foot in pantyhose and the other one in boot. She forces him to lick her nyloned foot and pushes it deep into his mouth, or she rubs his dick and his balls with her feet or she does both at the same time.

Soon the Goddess has her slave close to his climax, but she denies him to cum so quickly. Every time when he wants to cum she stops. “No you must wait…”

Then Alina shows a bit of mercy and with her boot heel she plays with his penis top while she holds his cock in place with her other foot and this way she makes him cum, but the very moment he shoots out his load, Alina breaks off and the slave shoots A BIG LOAD OF CUM ALLOVER HER NYLONED FOOT. But Alina doesn’t think about doing him the favor to milk him empty – “I want more…”

Now she creams his mouth with her cum covered foot and HE MUST LICK HIS OWN CUM FROM HER PANTYHOSE. But that’s not all. Slowly the Mistress undresses her second boot, stands up and strips the pantyhose and the slave has to lick her bare feet.

With one foot Alina opens slave’s mouth and STUFFS HER CUM SOAKED PANTYHOSE INTO HIS MOUTH. “Do you like that taste? Hehe”

Next the Goddess turns to his genitals again. She RUBS them, she KICKS them, she STOMPS them and she TEASES them until his cock grows again. Once she frees him from his gag, but only to push her bare feet into his mouth. “LICK MY FEET, LICK MY TOES, SUCK THEM!”

And while pushing her toes deep into his mouth, Alina looks so sexy into the camera!

The Mistress turns to his crotch again and now she gives him a SENSUAL FOOTJOB. “I love the feeling of your hard cock between my feet. And again she takes him close to the climax just to keep him in suspense. Alina enjoys the power that she has over her slave too much, to allow him to cum too quickly…

But at some point she decides to finish him again. With his dick between her feet she rubs him, but again the very moment that he cums, she comes up with something mean. ALINA STOMPS THE CLIMAXING GENITALS OF HER HELPLESS SLAVE IN A CRUEL WAY UNDER HER FEET. The slave groans in a PAINFUL CLIMAX. “Oh no Mistress, please!” Bus she is MERCILESS AND STOMPS OUT ALL OF HIS CUM.

Done so, Alina plays with her feet with his sperm and creams her entire feet with his slimy semen. And guess what she does next – of course THE SLAVE MUST KISS AND LICK HER CUM COVERED FEET.

Satisfied, Alina places both feet on his mouth and lets him feel the weight of her legs on his face. Then she collects her clothes and leaves…

File Name : 11___0986_Cbtramice
Format: Windows Media
File Size : 1.16 GB
Duration: 00:36:28
Video: VC-1, 1920 x 1080, 25.000 FPS, 4278 kb/s
Audio: WMA, 2 channels, 256 kb/s

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