Watch or Download – Mandy Flores – Executrix – Beaten And Broken – Mandy Flores, faceslapping, facepunching, facebusting – Release [06-02-2018]

You`ll break into a Guy’s appartment during daylight and hide behind the door until he comes home. When he enters the room, you do NOT surprise attack him. Instead, you talk to him and say you`re here to him. He doesn’t want to be and tries to fight against you, but you beat him totally senseless. It’s important the fight looks realistic, ure more skilled than the guy but not in any unrealistic way. When he is beaten, you sit reverse on his face for two-three minutes. You smother him out and then take him prisoner at your own apartment or dungeon.

When he wakes up, you enter the room wearing something else. You`ll tell him he is now your prisoner and that u`ll sit on his face every day from now on. Each day he`ll have to fight for his freedom, but of course he can never win because you`re better skilled n stronger. Film two more days of how he wakes up n how you enter the room to sit on his face and to proceed with beating him up all over again. The dialog is also important, take some time to verbally humiliate him and tell him how his life will be changing. Then challenge him to a new fight each day, even though you both know he`ll lose badly and end up getting facesat again. During the fighting, you keep taunting him in English. Telling him he is getting beaten by a girl, telling him what you will do to him, and saying his life will change forever.

On the last day, You enter the room in a black bikini and tell him he will have to fight u again for his freedom. He doesn’t want to fight because he knows he`ll lose, but you untie him and force him to fight back. During the fight, you taunt him and do alot of trash talking, you really enjoy beating him up over and over again. Then you once again sit reverse on his face and force him to kiss your ass this time. He’s so beat and broken, so pathetic that you realize he’s no longer fun. You decide to take him out for good, you wrap your legs around his head in a scissor hold and SNAP. Now you can go find another playtoy……Mandy Flores

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